The Kien Giang Province
Our hotel in Kien Giang. It was typical of most buildings in Vietnam. Tall and narrow. We were told by Thy that property is sold by the square foot. This is why.

The hotel was about a block away from the Bay of Thailand.
These hotel beds were typical of the 3 hotels we stayed in. The beds set very low to the ground.
This picture was taken before 8:00 am. But soon it would be filled with scooters and cars.
We woke up to find we had a visitor in our room. This little  guy was on the ceiling.
This was taken by the Bay of Thailand. You can see the thatched room of a Cafe behind them.
The beach was not one that you want to swim from.
This area was filled with hammocks and reclining chairs. We are guessing that the locals make sleep out here (or rest) to get away from the heat.
According to Thy there is alway construction going on in Vietnam. Many times it is due to the Typhoon season. A typhoon will destroy something and they will build it again.
Like these. Everyone seemed to have a scooter.