Our interpreter said that 80% of the population is Budhist with the remaining Catholic/Christian, The People's Religion, or the combination of all three (a new religion emerging that blends all 3). We did drive by several Catholic Churches. There was a large one near the center of town called Notre Dame. It is interesting to note that the French military and people were an influence in Vietnam since the early 1900s.

The Pagoda was the one place that would have been nice to have someone to explain things to us.
Note the construction going on behind the centuries old building
You can't see Budha.  There were several people here praying and I didn't want to be disrespectful. It was insteresting that the worshippers could purchase incense as well as food and tea to offer to Budha. You can see a plate of fruit and bottles of tea in front of the Budha.
There were several different areas to which the people could pray. In watching them, that is what they did. They would stand before each area and place incense and pray.