The Market
This is the main entrance. Mostly here were food stands. There were actualy two main entrances. The other entrance was vendors with jewerly and watches.
This was the frest fruit, vegtable, meat, and fish aisle. There were actually two devoted to this. We assume that the locals come here about every day to get the items needed for their daily meals.  These two aisle were a little wider than the rest
The day's catch ready to be sold. Of course, as American's we were a little concerned at the lack of refrigeration of the fish and other meats.
A tradionally dress woman carring her produce home. On the street you can get a small idea of how the traffic was with all the scooters.  The scooter riders all wore helmets but they would carry anything and everything stacked on the scooters.  We saw as many as four people on one scooter.  There were no real traffic laws. They would drive both the cars and the scooters however they could to get through.  And everyone honked. Honked to either say get out of my way or I am coming through.